Unitarian Tour to Poland

Directly after the EUT, you are welcome to join us on a weeklong tour to the 16th century’s Unitarian “heartland” where early religious dissenters first established congregations in the 1560s that openly challenged the doctrine of the Trinity, rejected infant baptism, and debated the morality of military service from the standpoint of their pacifist devotion to the life of Jesus. Under the leadership of Fausto Sozzini, they became known as the “Polish brethren” and established some 300 congregations.

The tour will begin in Kraków, where Sozzini was nearly murdered for heresy. We will then head north into what was once the Unitarian heartland, where they printed the first great summary of early Unitarian conviction, the Racovian Catechism.

The tour will be led by the Rev. Dr. Jay Atkinson, an experienced UU minister, an expert on Poland and research scholar at Starr King School. The trip (June 6-12) will cost about US$1000.

If you have questions and to put your name on the list for possible participation, contact Jay Atkinson: jayatk40@remove-this.gmail.com