Faith Without Borders?

Faith without borders? Our theme could not be more timely. Just think of the refugee crisis, growing populism, or Brexit – to name only a few examples. New borders seem to be erected every day. The way we see it, faith should help people overcome borders. What can we do, specifically, to connect people, cultures and communities?

Beyond this outward-looking aspect, however, the theme also concerns ourselves as Unitarians, Universalists, Free Religious, and Humanists. We claim to practice a free religion and a free faith. Does that mean that as a Unitarian you can believe in anything? Does it mean that anything goes, or are there boundaries after all? And if there are, how do we set them?

These are only some of our theme’s aspects that we are going to explore together with two keynote speeches, in services, various workshops and activities, and with a lot of music and fellowship.